Tame Hair Serum, AESOP

This is not to paint a familiar reality, but to paint a void. Civilization is established on extreme chaos, while every individual exists in the great pain of loneliness and helplessness. The simulacrum of creation is projected on the game of graffiti, the way our empathy is blocked by high-speed technology.

We began to feel dizzy in such visual experience, whether it is the invasion of plague, war, the leakage of nuclear test, the collapse of stock markets or global warming. The existence of human and individual life has been forgotten in a corner of history. So somewhere in consciousness there is a longing for a miracle, rushing to the surrounding world known as „reality“. Race, gender, culture, the fluid identity of the youth – world is perceived and understood by humans through these physical existence. The endurance art shown by Heather shows an extreme experience and cry of the body.

Brow Glue Stick, NYX

Ancient Chinese court flowerpot shoes and Chinese hairstyles in conflict with European corset clothes. By using the polka dots of Kusama, these interesting colors and patterns with a sense of note rhythm are like the warm pink room of the uterus, pregnant with hazy lust.

All Nighter Make-Up Setting Spray, URBAN DECAY
Aquacolor Set, KRYOLAN

The headdress full of primitive tribal elements is mixed with nude graffiti painting. In the green and abstract jungle – human beings gradually lose the mechanical symbol of flesh.

Putting our own existence in the fuzzy identity boundary, and the model wearing ancient Chinese flowerpot shoes with its own dual gender identity, which is also a spark of resistance that stirs our hope.

Homme Styling Gel, LA BIOSTHETIQUE

The classic image in the KOF and Simpson graffiti create a sense of collision which crosses time and space. Tradition, fame, rationality, rank and self are forgotten by the collective, while the individual cultural flow is overlapping and intertwined.

Lipstick, Poppy Red, KESS

As a gender fluidity representative icon, this work pays tribute to the classic image of David Bowie. Face and body of the model perceive a certain vitality or desire to be seen, which builds a space of perceptible identity to know their own.

Aquacolor, weiß, KRYOLAN

Through the traces of body behaviors, this literary and absurd plaster statue full of changes from white to blue and finally silent in colorful. Day after day, it witnesses the human war which tears the soul and tries to make up for the shaky peace.

Desire penetrates time. The woman of the ancient Nile Valley comes from both the past and the future. Free individuals are reflected in the wonders of proverbs, myths and fables. A utopian civilization that once existed is captured by the contemporary youth.

Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF20 Foundation, 04 bone, CLINIQUE

Symbolizing naked desire, the cross-species hybrid role of women and poisonous insects present a relationship between the body and its deformation in a post-human context. The body provocatively reshapes the new self-identity of the youth group under the entanglement with nature. Abandoning dualism, violent reality and soft body are the purple undercurrent between species and gender.

Rough and wild, focusing on the identity narrative of ethnic minorities, it pays tribute to the anti-Culture Movement band Die Antwood from South Africa with distinctive graffiti. Resist colonial oppression and identity violence are responded by the image of crazy Mohican and undisguised primitive elements.

Gel Couture, Nr. 514 'Like it loud', ESSIE

Freedom, strength, fragility, the inconceivability of survival, the game of individual liberate will, the sumo who  awakes the organism. Trying to subvert some experience, the human order is still clearly visible but will never be the center.

Curl Manifesto Refresh Absolut, KÉRASTASE

Photographer:Heather Wong

Make-up&Hair&Styling: maorenke & 3zhangzhen  

Fashion Designer:wangyishun liaolala

Graffiti:Stair.q , Heather Wong , send_dens , chao_2gswg , _swg_dog_ , tbag_2f , batebrich_d9 , district9_crew , stillwritin.asia

Starring:Chennuo Wenfang HeXinpin Zhangjunjia LUOJIN Panglanqin Tanzhuoqin Luoyi Mengzuhao Xu

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