Protection No Longer Assured


Eye to A.I – Detail of „Persistencia de la narración 2“ by Ulyss3s SOLO, 2023 – an A.I. generated story board opening the conversation about „what is going to happen?“ with A.I. entering the creative fields. The story is created in conversation with ChatGPT, the layout and pictures with Midjourney. The outcome is not perfect, as the protagonists visually change during the story. But our human brain is eager to see the storyline continuing from beginning to end.

War, disinformation, disruptive technologies and environmental collapse - Collecion Solo takes a screenshot of 2023 and dedicates its latest exhibition to the overwhelming feeling: "Protection No Longer Assured".

How governments might advertise their collapse: „Protection no longer assured (Black Swan Stories)“ by Ryan Heshka, 2020 - inspired by the public information campaigns during the Cold War in North America, which were surprisingly positive. Here, more reality was given to them... as they are still relevant today.

Can this snapshot be aesthetically summarized? 31 different artists say: Yes!

For when horror and fascination collide, they create the sublime. This concept has been a recurring theme throughout Western culture for over 2000 years, finding its latest manifestation in a viral Instagram hashtag #sublime.

„Protection No Longer Assured“ reflects on the original notion of the sublime through a collection of mushroom clouds, AI generated artwork and post-natural creatures – Beauty and Terror in sync.

This new exhibition by Colección SOLO in Madrid is showing from 10th of March until the end of the year.

Side note: You can find the complete interview with Filip Custic, one of the 31 artists whose work is showcased in the exhibition, in the recently published TUSH Issue 52.

A skeleton on a radioactive trip: „The Catalogue of Eccentricity Series Part 78“ by Keiichi Tanaami, 2017 - over information and a cultural mash up, psychedelic drugs and the bombing of Tokio (when Keiichi Tanaami was a child) transporting us to an universe where it is difficult to know what the landscape truly is.

This businessman is hounding for a decay: „Pyramid“ by David Altmejd, 2019 - or is he? David Altmejd says, his sculptures are not moving towards death, but they are transforming into a different matter. When beauty and horror meet, they become sublime.

Climbing the Capitalism to Infinity: „Tribe - Apex“ by SMACK, 2023 - a community of 300 characters, each of them individually designed and then deployed into different situations by the artists. Here at Espacio Solo’s vertical screen, everyone is fighting to get to the top of the pile - but what for?

Coleccion SOLO is an international arts project which aims to support contemporary artistic practice, inspire dialogue and encourage experimentation.

The museum „Espacio Solo“ is located at the heart of the Spanish capital, in Puerta de Alcalá, and houses the SOLO collection, which is displayed in a series of temporary exhibitions. It was designed by Juan Herreros and won the Madrid College of Architects Award in 2018. The museum is open to the public by appointment, and free guided tours can be reserved online at

She nailed this space: „Finger“ by Mika Rottenberg, 2019 - But is she questioning our whole existence in relation to the universe or just advertising really #sublime nail polish?

Every letter burns: „Incendiary discourse“ by Glenda León, 2018 - with fake news and social media, the written word has never been as problematic as today. But if you want her work to catch fire, Glenda says: „The fire is in your head!“

A landscape under destruction: „El último día a la hora del té“ by Paco Pomet, 2020 - visualizes what might be your last moment on the edge to death. Beauty in destruction, silence in terror.

What the artist remembers about 9/11: „9.11.01“ by Paco Pomet, 2021 - dates a radical change, a turning point in American history. But Paco Pomet explored a forgotten space in a museum and brings attention to the diversity of experiences and perspectives.

Disrupting technologies in conversation: Detail of „Taxia“ by Ulyss3s SOLO, 2023 - A.I. generated atomic strikes in different settings do not present a problem while observed on screen - a parade of delicious horror.

Homemade pottery for defense: „Ánforas I“ by Dagoberto Rodríguez, 2020 - grown up in 70s Kuba, Dagoberto received training as a child on how to defend his country against a possible American invasion. With the Arabic Spring in the news and now the war against Ukraine he reflects on the artisanal work of civilians protecting their country with the supplies given at home.

Pictures via: @coleccion_solo

Text by: @simonriepe

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