Rosy satin and utilitarian zippers, sparkling and subtle florals and bold harnesses: Irish designer Simone Rocha is a master of poetically colliding references and styles -and for her Spring Summer 2023 collection presented in London, she is breaking the image of  stereotype „femininity“  and creates a complex character.
It feels like the straps hold back the overload of romance, reshaping sentiments and silhouettes, almost like a safety belt. The sensual volume of sleeves and skirt turn them into a soft armour, transparent fabrics however give a glimpse of what is underneath the fluffy shield.
The clash is also visible on the beauty looks: the hair is turned partially into a solid helmet, but shiny strands peaking through, the eyes are framed in powdery acidic shades and adorned with metallic lashes .

„This collection is really about harnessing a feeling. It’s [about] this idea of contrasts; fragility and masculinity, sensitivity, nature, anger. It’s all about harnessing all these different emotions that are boiling over inside of all of us at the moment, and kind of trying to see how I could translate that into clothes.“ Simone Rocha 

September 21, 2022
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