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Saying goodbye to your dry and brittle hair could in fact help reinstate your crown chakra.

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New year, new me – an all too familiar statement that we exuberantly utter in good faith at the turn of each year. Those of us who are dedicated to spiritual sentience and its healing properties have probably started cleansing our chakras long ahead. There are seven main energy points in our bodies, with the crown chakra being the wheel that oversees consciousness, wisdom, unity, and self-knowledge. Located on the top of our heads, it makes our hair a concentrated source of energy. Yes, our hair holds a large portion of our emotions. All the more reason to inspect one’s mane amidst a time heralded to be particularly transformative.

Australian-founded beauty brand Coco & Eve is committed to restoring natural hair qualities with feel-good ingredients. Their Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment is a great way to do just that. „Pre-Poo“ treatments, as they’re denoted by the brand (smirk) can be paired with a subsequent hair mask, for instance, their „Like A Virgin“ mask to bring about a super silky finish. Protective and strengthening oil complexes are conscientiously used to rebuild structural bonds damaged from bleaching and hair coloring. As daunting as it can be to find the right care for your hair, it is much encouraged to use products that aid in restoring the liquid-moisture balance and warrant proactive shielding from potential breakage. At last, we’re psyched to consign to a New Year’s resolution that evolves all around pampering, and perhaps it might help some of us in realigning our chakras too.


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Via Instagram | @cocoandeve
Afra Ugurlu
Januar 9, 2023
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