Table to fashion - for her collaboration with &other stories, Mia Larsson turned oyster shells into earrings

Seems it’s not always needed to fish for pearls to receive compliments – somtimes the shells do the magic too.
Swedish jewellery designer Mia Larsson focuses on sustainable materials – and turns oyster shells into eye candy. Not even fishing is nessesary to her: She (supported by her sister)  finds her hard ware in restaurants and turns leftovers from luxurious feasts into wearable art.
In her most recent collaboration with &other stories, she added recycled silver to the mix and created a collection of rings, necklaces and hair accessoires (available via Other Stories)

We talked with the artist about her inspiration and connection to nature.

Swedish designer Mia Larsson
Raw materials before becoming jewellery

Do you feel more like creating an accessoire to beautify humans or to give nature another platform for example?  

Jewelry is one of the oldest artforms and human expressions. It is so special because it enables us to connect and express ourselves in so many ways. It connects us in love, friendship, with former generations and to places we visit. It has also – since prehistoric times – connected us to nature using material like bones, claws, feathers in different talismans and amulets as protection and to gain powers. That’s why I think jewelry is so amazing!

For me my jewelry becomes a reminder, but also an amulet or talismans, that connects us with nature or even show that we are an integrated part of nature.  

How and where do you get the material for creations? 

I mainly collect them from restaurants or dinners as a recycled material. A lot of friends nowadays, save their shells from meals and give it to me.  Especially my dear big sister, she does it all time.

How do you think about sustainability and how do you incorporate that aspect? 

For my master I wanted to find an organic decomposable material that could become part of my upcycling ideas. I started to collect different seashells from restaurants. I saw it as a part of giving food a lifecycle and also socially bringing people together and then ending with beautiful waste. Mother of pearl is a fantastic high-tech ceramic material that protects their soft bodies from intruders. Scientists have studied shells because it so fantastically made and created in a totally sustainable way.

If you had one wish for the future – what would it be?

That we become more sustainable and save our planet for future generations.




Modern talisman: Mia Larsson's necklace for &other stories

Laura Dunkelmann
Mai 16, 2019
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