Annakiki SS23

At ANNAKIKI – Chaos rules! Yet, the collection is pretty tidy. Why this paradox, one may ask? For Anna Yung there isn’t any. Her main inspiration for Spring Summer 2023 lies in the documentary „The Secret Life of Chaos“ by British Director Nick Stacey. It showcases the dynamic behavior of chaotic systems – chaos does not imply disorder, it occurs in an ordered process.

“When modern science replaced religion as a new faith, the mystery of our nature was revealed and it’s sacred order was inevitably dissembled. Essentially fractal art is designed to create a visual illusion in space, throughout the disintegration and the reconstruction of that same space and its structure: a little change is constantly amplified from simple rules, and at the end, with a constant repetition on a little scale an extraordinarily magnificent model is achieved. Many things in nature follow this scheme and this simple equivalence with auto-fed nature for me is surprising,” states Anna Yung.

Her brand ANNAKIKI is a regular on the Milan Fashion Week Calendar since 2017 and one of the very few chinese brands. But since a few seasons now, she seems to have settled into a new aesthetic.

One that is strikingly her own. Futuristic, otherworldly, yet wearable – the SS23 collection ranges from her signature silhouettes, such as strong shoulders, wavy outlines and a space-age hoop skirt to asymmetrical, sculptural and more experimental shapes. There is drapery expressing molten metal and prints of optical illusions in contrast to earthly fabrics like leather and denim. The Y2K style comes in strong with flared jeans and bodies and a partnership with Swarovski puts on some sparkle: a balaclava turtleneck showcasing a rhinestoned black hole as well as a power suit-jacket with a twirling night sky of diamonds. Some Pink and blue flashes between the excess of black and white. And so does a consistently returning star symbol – as in cut-outs, prints or accessories – the ANNAKIKI logo is everywhere.

Together with photographer Johannes Brauner, TUSH went Backstage before the show to catch a glimpse of the future that is ANNAKIKI SS23.

Nude, radiant face makeup with a dark outline around the lips that softens inward.
Laid back hair, with strands of hair pulled out in contrast to existing hairstyles, that were elaborated.
But the main hair theme was spikes - front or back, they looked sharp!
Swarovksi launched the sparkle for Annakiki SS23.
And with a meteroid-dress or optical-illusion prints - Annakiki left planet earth.
Are you ready for SS23?



Editor & Text SIMON RIEPE

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