Sensations Unleashed: After-Work Drinks with ABSOLUT


What is the general consensus on after-work drinks? In the hustle and bustle of the modern workplace, one element seems to stand out as the secret ingredient to fostering tight-knit relationships with fellow team members or perhaps, forging more honest and open conversations afar from work titles and hierarchies. Beyond the confines of office walls, the unassuming ritual has emerged as a potent social glue; unwinding over a cocktail so to speak.

After a five-day long work week a celebratory drink seems about right, but having a couple of post-work before Friday has come around doesn’t need to be so guilt-ridden either. We have taken inspiration from our Swedish counterparts and their spirited concoctions using ABSOLUT Vodka, albeit with a twist of its own. The new creation incorporates the signature ABSOLUT Vodka, while featuring a reduced alcohol content of around 20%, in contrast to ABSOLUT Original, offering a palatable range of lower-alcohol alternatives. That said, the recent event hosted by the eminent Swedish distillery made a splash with its latest innovation: ABSOLUT Sensations. This new addition to Aboslut’s portfolio rejuvenates after-work drinking culture and offers a treat for those looking for a juicier alternative. Juicy insofar as the event proved to be an exuberant affair, with a diverse array of individuals coming together to celebrate the release.

Attendees documented their first-sip reactions, a unanimous symphony of delighted and astonished sighs resonated through the air—an audible testament to the sensory voyage they embarked upon. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always enjoy the occasional „Skinny Bitch,“ not least because of the widespread rumor that it’s particularly hangover-friendly (also because it’s bordering on being immodest to say so). Yet, the tangy and fruity blend of ABSOLUT Sensations quickly made its comparatively less flamboyant incumbent look a little dusty. And although the weather decided to grace us with a shower, Sensations brought on summer vibes. When asking guests what they associated with the flavor of the zesty drink, ‚festival season, and beach-vibes‘ with a hint of tropical paradise came to mind. Naturally, we don’t want to deprive you of this delight, so here’s how the on-site mixologist prepared the ABSOLUT Sensations Lemonade , that disappeared all too swiftly in the hands of eager enthusiasts:

Pour 5 cl ABSOLUT Sensations into a Copa glass filled with ice cubes
Top up with 10 cl lemonade.
Garnish with an orange slice.
Enjoy the summer along with your friends (or in case of an after-work happening – colleagues)

Absolut enthält Alkohol und ist nur für Personen über 18 Jahre geeignet. Mehr Infos unter

Marvyn @marvyn
Julia Wulf @juleslw
Robin Solf @robinsolf & Lukas Küchen @absolut_lukas
Mrs. Bella @mrsbella
Juli 4, 2023
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