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Concrete and neon lights, black steel shelves, bottles lined up like the precious objects they are: As I walk into the newly opened store of D.S. & Durga in Soho, it’s not only my nose inhaling the brand’s vision. Exceptionally interesting music is played (something 80s, but not cheesy), cool car fresheners (yes, that’s possible – no tree shapes, but modern illustrations instead) are displayed beside the heavy flacons – it feels more like an art studio than a store of a classic perfume house.

The founder couple David and Kavi Moltz created a label that makes perfumery a multi sensory experience, eyes and ears included. By coincidence, David stumbles into the store while Im checking out the scents – he is enthusiastically telling me about a recent ingredient discovery. A mix of passion and professionalism (Kavi has background in architecture), intuition (David is a self taught-perfumer) and extreme attentiveness makes D.S. Durga’s magnetism, perfectly embodied and presented by the founders.

Since their beginning in 2007, every perfume at D.S. Durga comes with a downloadable playlist underlining its atmosphere – a detail that shows how story telling can work through all senses. Of course, packing is as well composed as the vegan scents (perfume, car scents, body care products and candles included), though the core of each concept remains the aroma.

„The power of scent is equal to that of sight and sound. A great scent is a world you can return to over and over–a keyhole into another realm. You can travel via the mind-nose connection to larger collective spaces.“ is explained on the label’s website.

To dive deeper, I talked with David about his approach on fragrance and his vision.

How did you come up with idea to pair each scent with a playlist? 

I operate under the assumption that music is central to life.  I could make a playlist for anything.

Which was our first perfume?

I won a bottle of Pierre Cardin at a raffle at camp.  The only raffle I’ve ever won!

What is the first thing you smell in the morning? 

The iphone case.

How does sexiness smell like? And elegance? 

First one: Bodily secretions. Second: White lillies, proper chypre colognes.

Which scent/smell will you never forget? 

I can recall thousands…they are catalogued for future use. But I can give you some examples:  The ocean in my home town.  The handsoap at the hospital where my grandfather was dying.  The smell of smoked woods on my childhood cat coming in on cold nights.


David Moltz
Kavi Moltz

Is there a scent, moment or inspiration you couldn’t capture yet but would love to translate into a perfume? 

Many. I’m always working on making more realistic versions of flowers.  It’s a life journey.  Real honeysuckle is tough.

David, what’s your background in perfumery? How do you feel the „beauty world“? 

I’m self-taught.  I love the fragrance world.  It’s exciting – science meeting art.  Art meeting commerce.  I don’t know too much about beauty outside of fragrance.  Kavi loves make-up and I could get into the color thing.

Do you feel that being based in NY / Brooklyn is part of your label’s identity? 

NYC is in our DNA.  It comes through in everything from design to attitude.

How does the design reflect your philosophy?

Kavi – The design is tough and polished – just like NYC.

Laura Dunkelmann
Juli 31, 2019
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