Facing Fabrics

Cleanser, toner, serum, cream, maybe some mist, sometimes a mask – we’ve spend some time sorting our skincare regime to it’s full potential. Or, we admit, to its absolute minimum, depending on the preference…
No matter if simplification or beautification is your quarantine survival strategy – it’s the time to take a look at your closet too, neck down, so to say.
Wool, silk, linen – fabrics are as delicate as skin and need individual care too. Yet, while face care & co. was designed to our pleasure already, detergents, steamers and most fabric care tools and products looked more than medicine than magic potions.
Steamery is finally bringing beauty to this field: With sleek, simple, but ultra appealing designs that remind more of a new cosmetic launch then being linked to laundry.

„Steamery’s mission is to make it fun, easy and accessible for everyone to take better care of their clothes. Therefore we develop beautiful and modern clothing care products,“ says Petra Ringström, CEO and co-founder of Steamery Stockholm

And as much as we love some guidance on skincare – we do like it for our fashion pieces – and ask Ringstörm for her advice on the most common fabrics.

„At Steamery ,we simply want you to wash less, wash right and care more. That’s why we’ve creating a guide on how to take care of your favourite clothes.“


Cotton garments are not as sensitive as for example silk. Due to its curly fibre, it can withstand tumble drying, pressing and steaming.
Freshen up and get rid of odours between washes with clothing mist and steam, and then machine wash it with a detergent that works well on low temperatures such as Steamery Sport Wash.


The best way to care for your favourite silks, is to handwash, since it’s often is the best process to ensure fabric integrity.
Use a detergent made for delicate fabrics, like Delicate Wash and wash in cool water. These kinds of detergents are specially made to effectively clean and, at the same time, nourish delicate materials such as wool and silk.
Lanolin and silk oil rehydrate the fibers in any type of natural material and prolongs their lifespan. Lanolin oil also creates like a protective coating to the fibers, this shield makes the fabric stronger and dirt repellent.
Steam between washes and after washing to remove wrinkles and rejuvenate the natural luster. This will achieve the perfect finish!


Linen is a super textile. It’s naturally dirt- and stain repellent. Your linen clothes will be clean even when washing in low temperatures. It’s also resistant to moth and fur beetles.
Unlike many other textiles, it doesn’t attract lint and pills.
The more you wash linen, the softer it will become. 


Wool garments require less care than you think since it’s antibacterial within itself.
Air and use a clothing mist on your woolly sweaters and they will stay fresh. Handwash if needed and always keep it on a flat surface when not wearing it (don’t hang it, fold it) in order to make the sweater stay in shape. When you’re washing it, always use a detergent free of enzymes, like our Delicate Wash. Never use fabric softeners, ironically it makes the fabrics stale and hard.

Prevent an invasion of moth and fur beetles with red cedar oil. Remove lint with a fabric shaver like Pilo and the sweater will look brand new again!

5 quick tips on how to take care of your clothes:



Air your clothes after wearing them. Airing is especially good for woollen garments but works for all

types of clothes. Airing refreshes the garment and removes bad odours.



The steam has the same effect as airing but is superfast and more efficient. It’s also perfect for the

compact living individuals, not having somewhere to air their clothes.  The textile fibres swell, and the

fabric will look shinier and more colourful. Steaming also thickens the fabric and removes wrinkles.


Misting with Active Bacteria

Misting your clothes reduces bad odours. For optimal results, mist your clothes before use.


Wash Right

Use the right detergent. Silk and wool are made off natural fibres and must be washed with a detergent for fine clothing, otherwise the fibres can be destroyed, and you will eventually find holes in your sweaters. Use a laundry bag to protect your clothes in the washing machine.


Remove Lint and Pilling

With the right lint shaver your knits will look brand new again. Remember to always remove lint in a careful way.

Mai 18, 2020
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