Tape Dance


On air in ’89. Hair is up just like the attitude. Seconds before the screening. Stage fright tickling. A story in the making.
A violet glaze, tangerine clouds with neon lights and straight shapes that still float. A flair of freedom, an atmosphere of agitation. The moment before the camera is capturing the next moment.

EYES: Satin Magenta Blush, & OTHER STORIES

Eyes: Neon Rush Lipstick, & OTHER STORIES

EYES: Satin Magenta Blush, & OTHER STORIES

LIPS: Luminary Swoon Lipstick, & OTHER STORIES

Photographer: Ricardo Rivera
AD: Laura Dunkelmann
Stylist: Raul Guerrero
Hair stylist: Erol Karadag
Makeup artist: Agus Arcidiacono
Make up assistant: Sam Kettell
Set designer: Cecilia Elguero @ Art Department
Photo assistant: Ivy Phan
odels: Jojo Bajena @ Click
Zoe Takala @ The Identity
Haejin Lee @ Wilhelmina
Casting: Hendrik Simon

Lustre d'Or Luminising Powder + Metallic Eyeshadow, & OTHER STORIES

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